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Maruha Nichiro

About Our Parent Company

Seacon Vietnam is a subsidiary of Maruha Nichiro Group. As such, we benefit from the knowledge and resources of one of the world's largest seafood companies, a $9 billion corporation that is deeply involved in every geographic market worldwide. Wherever seafood is harvested or consumed, Maruha Nichiro has a presence.

Maruha Nichiro Group Philosophy

The Maruha Nichiro Group aims to contribute to the betterment of people's daily lives through providing wholesome, safe and healthy food with sincerity and integrity.

Maruha Nichiro's origins date back to 1880. The company headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan and is publicly owned and traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Primary areas of product specialization include shrimp, surimi, pol loek, crab, tuna and salmon. Global operations include aquaculture farms, factory processor ships, processing plants and distribution centers that allow Maruha Nichiro to source, produce and market seafood on every continent.

Maruha Nichiro is a world leader in the development of new food products and new processing technologies. The company invests significant resources in quality improvements, food traceability and supply chain efficiency.

The company has a significant presence in North America. In addition to Trans-Ocean, Maruha Nichiro Group companies include: Westward Seafood, Peter Pan Seafood, Alyeska Seafood, and Premier Pacific Seafood, all located in Seattle, Washington.

A Global Leader in Shrimp

Maruha Nichiro's Shrimp Division is responsible for $500 million in annual sales volume. The company is the largest supplier of shrimp to Japan, one of the world's leading seafood-consuming nations.

To offer the greatest efficiency and quality assurance to shrimp buyers worldwide, Maruha Nichiro directly owns and operates shrimp hatcheries, farms and processing plants in Southeast Asia.’

These operations include:

  • Agrobest - a leading shrimp hatchery and farm located in Malaysia; and
  • Kingfisher Holdings - an advanced ACC-certified facility dedicated to processing shrimp and other seafood, located in Thailand.

The Maruha Nichiro global shrimp network also includes long-term, contracted sourcing partnerships with suppliers worldwide. Company personnel are on-site at these contract locations to make sure our specifications are followed.

Maruha Nichiro shrimps are cultivated and processed in certified plants that meet the food safety standards of the leading quality organizations in the world; these include: ACC (Aquaculture Certification Council), EFSIS/BRC Global Standard, GMP, HACCP, HALAL,  ISO 9001, and ISO 17025.